Minecraft Challenge Guidelines

Minecraft Challenge
1.  The Minecraft Challenge is a challenge for 6-11 year olds.

2.  The challenge: Build on whatever platform you want to and create an original work that is inspired by a book you have read.  For example, if you really like the Harry Potter series, you could build your own representation of Hogwarts.  Get Creative!

3.  Keep in mind that for the challenge, you have to be able to show us your work!  This means taking a screenshot or taking a photo of your design with a camera or phone and then printing it out.

4.  You will bring your own, ORIGINAL work to the Minecraft Challenge on July 21 @ 2:00pm in the Ladish Room at the Cudahy Family Library.

5.  At the Challenge, each builder will present, or talk about, their creation and what book it is related to.

6.  If you want to build as a group, please keep the group size to 3 people or less.  The people in your group MUST: 1) be age 6-11, 2) reside in Milwaukee County, 3) be real live people who can claim their certificate and prize with you, and 4) be present at the challenge to receive a certificate and prize.

7.  Only one entry in the challenge per person (or group), please.

8.  All entries must present at the challenge and be able to explain how their original creation is related to a book.  Certificates and prizes will be awarded to each entry that completes the challenge and presents on July 21 at the Cudahy Family Library.

9.  You do not need to submit anything before the challenge on July 21.